by Sabotage

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5 Song EP


released October 17, 2013

All music written by Sabotage
Recorded and mixed by Ben Knightbus



all rights reserved


Sabotage Welland, Ontario

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Track Name: Weight

don't want to waste away no more. don't want to suffer that's for sure. why can't i seem to keep you from getting the best of me?
tighten the hold you have on my neck. i can't look away. i can't catch my grip.
pushing my limits. there's no where to go. faced with a choice. at a new low. suffering loss with nothing to gain. I can't understand this kind of pain.
your weight pushing me down.
Track Name: Pushed Over
Pushed Over
see all the shit crowding our lives. hoping for something to make it all right. looking around, there's no end in sight. going insane? i think i just might.
know the chances are real. the pain that i feel. wonder how it will all end. It always ends up where it began.
reality is none of this matters. always feeling under the weather. pushing me over, i can't cope. it feels just like i am breaking down.
Track Name: Called Out
Called Out
it exploded in your face. you're exposed. you feel ashamed. played your games for far too long. it's about time you're proven wrong.
called out for all to see.
always think you're a step ahead. just be careful where you tread. broken ties you cannot mend. one wrong step could be your end.
see the signs.
i know you won't 'cause you're so blind.
face the facts.
you can't make up for what you lack.
Track Name: Pity Party
Pity Party
my head is spinning. i can't comprehend the things that you do. is that how you seek attention? your lack of sensibility is living proof.
pity party fit for one. i hope you brought enough chairs. pity party fit for one. why are you so scared?
absent mind. absent thoughts. sense of pride.. crushed.
Track Name: Your Choice
Your Choice:

A waste of life, a waste of time. you sell your soul, you lose your mind. search escape so surreal. you'll never get the chance to heal.
your life is proof that your choice is killing you.
at the end of the day you watch your life rot away. options are running short, all because of what you snort.
don't expect to be there.
you made your choice.